Summer of Love

Lean back and let the crowd of people around you lift you up as their many hands support your body above their heads. They will pass you hand to hand around the room as you slowly let go of the fear of being dropped and exhilarate in the feeling of being completely supported. It is called Crowd Surfing and could be considered a Trust Exercise or a fun activity at a Heavy Metal concert. It felt like we were crowd surfing this summer as Michel and I were lifted up and supported in the warm embrace of friends and family who hosted us in Europe and the US. We felt welcome, pampered, and very lucky everywhere we went.

Feels like Crowd Surfing

Felt like Crowd Surfing (Getty images)

It has been three full months since our last post and trip to Portugal. Our time with the people we love was not a time to blog but rather a time to relax and take a vacation from “our vacation”.

Claire and Michel take a vacation from SouthEast Asia

Claire and Michel take a vacation from SouthEast Asia

We spent time with friends in and near Paris and made it to family and Lyon for Bastille day.

Outside Paris - our friends perfect country house

Outside Paris – our friends old farm transformed into a beautiful country house

In Paris at the Musee D'Orsay

The famous clock at the Musee D’Orsay

Outside Paris in Monet's Garden

Giverny in Monet’s Garden where he painted the famous Nymphea

A Crazy Night in Paris

Crazy night in Paris on the night of the annual festival of street music

The beach in Paris

Seine river in summer becomes the beach in Paris

Beautiful Lyon at Night

Beautiful Lyon at Night

Bastille Celebration in Lyon

Bastille Celebration Lyon

Michel and I travelled together to visit our friends in Corsica, the first time there for both of us. We spent 3 nights on a boat floating gently in the Mediterranean Sea; another dream fulfilled.

Our wonderful Yacht in the Mediterranean

Our wonderful Yacht in the Mediterranean

A very large sailboat on it's way out to sea

Famous “Wally” sailboat on it’s way out to sea – so pretty

We had a grand adventure getting lost on our first day ashore as we drove though the mountains looking for the cabris (goat) and perfect cheese that would be served for dinner that night.

Our Goat adventure car

Our Goat adventure car – 30 year old Citroen “Mehari”

The mountains where we got lost and eventually found our goat

The mountains where we got lost and eventually found our goat

Michel and I parted for a while as I visited friends in Italy and travelled back to the United States to see my family.

Beautiful Lake Iseo in Italy

Beautiful Lake Iseo in Italy (pic taken by Claire’s Ipad)

View from our balcony overlooking Lake Iseo

View from our balcony overlooking Lake Iseo (pic taken by Claire’s Ipad)

While I was away Michel fell in love with the south of France again. Good friends, good food, and beautiful scenery.

Lovely South of France

Uzes – lovely town near Nimes

Pastoral crafts

Old barn showroom for very special pottery work

Old arches

Old arches in the village of Uzes


Blauzac beautiful village where Michel stayed

South of france

Other side of Blauzac (Main Street)

But we both knew this summer would end as earlier this year we had purchased a round trip ticket from Bangkok to Paris. With regret, we parted from our friends and family. As the day for our flight drew closer we began to long for our beloved Southeast Asia and the unique people and life that we have found there.

We have arrived in Bangkok now. We have joined the bustling crowd that moves on the streets each day. As we walk we feel the heat of September and smell strong smells of street food or fish slow drying. We are slowly remembering the right Thai words to say and to take off our shoes before we enter a room.

And so our adventure in Asia begins again. We continue forward with smiles on our faces and light hearts bolstered by the memories of our summer of love.

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  1. Hi Claire, Hi Michel, Wonderful blog and pictures! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. We really enjoyed seeing you Claire this summer in the US and are so grateful you were able/willing to make the trip all the way from Europe/Asia. I hope you are very blessed by the last few months in Asia….. the adventure continues!

  2. Hi Claire! beautiful text, really, but no pixs… anyway, have a nice trip! xoxoxos,


  3. je me régale à te lire claire, je suis tellement contente, profitez de l’asie , pensez à moi !! 😉 bisou

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