Ganesha – Kampot

Michel and I recently returned to our special hideaway near Kampot Cambodia called Ganesha Riverside Eco Resort.

– Michel made a fun project while we lived here called; “What passes by at Ganesha”.
– I have written down a few random thoughts hoping to share what it felt like to be here.

We share both with you in this post:

The main house with waiting tuk tuk driver

The main house with waiting Tuk Tuk driver – local limousine

Our little Yurt on the platform

Our little Yurt on the river

The river passes by as you rest in your hammock

The river passes by as you rest in your hammock


A day at Ganesha
Before dawn the singer at the mosque weaves his haunting melody into the morning breeze.
As the sun slowly rises the birds sing to us in our bed and the leaves of the mangrove rustle all around us in the wind.
I wake with a smile and sit on our platform overlooking the river.
I watch the quiet little fish pass below my feet and I bask in their tranquility.
Our little river is alive and seems to breath each day as the tides go in and out, in and out.

Our day begins in the main house with a Bonjour to Stephanie and a strong cup of coffee; the perfect morning combination.
Burt joins us after he finishes his morning swim, his tongue hangs out a little bit and he has a big smile on his face. He looks like he is considering whether or not we need to cool off too. Perhaps he should provide a wet doggy shake?
If we need anything Stephanie’s smile provides it all; we can feel her inner strength and yet she is so gentle and warm.
It is April now and the days are hot but they pass quickly as we entertain ourselves or just pass the time in mindless relaxation.

Slowly the sun sets and the voice of the singer at the mosque is washing any cares away.
We sit by the river and watch fireflies dance like fairies through the mangrove.

We have secretly been waiting all day for another treat from Sam Nang.
The biggest question of the day…..what will he prepare for dinner?
We go to the main house to see our friends again.
Ariane entertains us with her graceful dance as she works behind the bar.
Emmanuel enters and we feel his energy fill the space.
He stimulates our mood with his music and his irresistible laugh.
We spend another perfect evening eating good food and laughing with our friends.

Too full and happy we wander back to our little round Yurt.
Once again by the river, the sky is like black velvet covered with lights. We try to count the stars but there are too many.
As we lie in bed the Gecko calls his name Geah……Koh…..Geah……Koh
The chorus of crickets answer softly in a rolling wave of sound.
The sounds of Ganesha are slowly singing us to sleep.

She comes to sell fish

We call her Madame Fish. She comes everyday

Local woman passes by each day

Madame Fish continues her daily route – Very elegant –

Cool Canoe floating by

Cool Canoe floating by

Paddle boards meet Muslim fishing lady

Paddle boards meet Muslim fishing lady

Here she is…..

Here she is…..

A local family floating by

It’s Sunday! a local family taking the boat out

Cows come to each every day

The grass tastes good around our Yurt

This  Ghecko lives in our Yurt

This Ghecko is our roommate – cool cat

Local family stopping for group photograph

Muslim family from next door using the beautiful stone deck for a family portrait

Merci Ganesha pour nous laisser un agréable souvenirs. Nous allons cherir et revenir quand nous pouvons.

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9 replies

  1. Tout a l’air délicieux , Quel pays!!

    • en Septembre quand nous reviendrons en Asie, nous pensons louer une maison dans le coin sur la rivière, cette petite ville est un délice, so is the food. Khmer food good, les sauces sont superbes, raffinées, pleines de subtilités et de plantes inconnues? a bientot en France

  2. Wow ! That’s a great place….enjoy it !

  3. Love hearing about your day there and love pictures! Sounds lovely! Enjoy!

  4. From deep of my heart, I thank you, and the Ganesha family too, for such sweet words about our little nest. For sure, we will welcome you again here, laugh again together about Michel’s jokes (good or bad ;)), doing yoga and practicing french, bref, sharing good moments together. Take car free birds, bon vent les amis et revenez nous vite.

  5. hallo i just wanted say. good luck on all your way paht.

    (meet in pai in na`s kitchen)

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