Michel tells our story – Pai

Michel tells the story of our beautiful place near Pai called Bueng Pia Farm with his photos in this post. It is easier for me to let Michel do the communicating this time. I am busy fully embracing a stop on this winding road and a place that feels like a home.

We have fresh markets nearby where we shop for ingredients. Every night is spent eating good food and with good company. We are far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Pai town and yet a forty minute walk gets us to anything we need. We are both enjoying settling in for awhile and making our own little nest in this beautiful valley.

View of Lake at Bueng Pai Farm

View of Lake at Bueng Pai Farm

Entry way

We enter into an oasis of calm

This jolly fellow welcomes us home

This jolly fellow welcomes us home

Fish Pond at entry

Meditation Pond full of old carp

The garden is full of statues everywhere

The garden is full of statues everywhere

Walk way through garden

Walk way through the garden to our bungalow


Birds are singing all around us everyday

remove shoes and come on in

remove shoes and come on in

Our house

Claire relaxes on the patio

Happy Michel

Michel relaxes on the patio

our evening pastise

5pm is tea time

Our house interior

Very comfortable beds

Note in our bsthroom

We enjoyed reading the instructions in our bathroom

Cat Statue

Wonderful cat statues with Buddhist blessing

Breakfast area

Sit in this area for breakfast every morning


The best Muesli and fruit, delicious Thai tea

Natural swimming pool

Natural swimming pool

Around us

across the rice fields is a Wat

Around us

the rice fields are brown now but soon the rainy season is coming

Our herb garden

We use herbs from this garden when preparing dinner

Our mint garden

Our mint garden

Claire cooking

After 5 months on the road finally, Claire cooking dinner


Another quiet place for meditation and our dining room

Our lake

The white Buddha watches over us from the hills above our lake

Another perfect day

Another perfect day

The owners here at Bueng Pai Farm http://www.paifarm.com/ are local to Pai. They have been very kind to us during our stay. We would probably never leave but we must as they are closing the resort in March. The tourists are all going home now and soon we will be in the quiet time here in Thailand. It will be hot and the rains will come but we are happy to have Thailand mostly to ourselves again for a little while.

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13 replies

  1. quelle bouffée d’oxygène !

  2. Beautiful pictures telling story of your wonderful life! Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2014 07:49:47 +0000 To: debbiesunser@hotmail.com

  3. How relaxed and happy you both look!

  4. Hi Claire and Michel, Joshua really enjoyed the pictures but especially the fish. Very beautiful place there Claire. Looks like lots of fun and relaxation. You look relaxed, happy and healthy. Yesterday we had 30+ french (and english) speaking Quebec Agricultural Management students visit our ranch and it was a blast. Really made me wish I had kept up my two years of conversational french skills from years ago.
    Love and blessings,

  5. Fantastic pics!! You really are au Paradis and looking younger and beautiful!
    I am very happy for you!!
    Loved the cup for the Thai..can almost taste all the delicious salad that Claire is preparing!
    Du Pastis???? Je veux!!!

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