And now you live in a camper

Michel and I have finally come together again in the San Juan Islands in Washington State. My sister and her family have arrived with their camper from San Jose, Ca., my Dad accompanied me from Denver.

My brother (Jon) and sister-in-law (Jan) are really lovely people and have welcomed us all into their home. It is located on a hill above Friday Harbor and comes complete with 3 dogs and 6 cats.

Michel and I have moved into Jon’s camper and we are loving it. I have discovered all of my nesting instincts are completely satisfied by our new home.

Listening to Claire & Michel

Coming into to Friday Harbor was accomplished by taking a small plane across the Puget Sound. The view is spectacular.

Kenmore Air to Friday Harbor

San Juan Island can be accessed by boat or plane and is within eye sight of Vancouver BC. The people are friendly and used to tourists who arrive in droves each day during the short summer. The Friday Harbor population shrinks down to about 800 during the winter.

View of Mount Rainier from Friday Harbor

There are an almost endless list of outdoor activities here that range from boating, kayaking, and fishing, to hiking, camping, and bicycling.


Claire hiking near Jackle’s lagoon


Michel overlooking 4th of July Beach

Michel has already achieved local chef status for his preparation of Muscles in white wine. The seafood is as fresh as you would imagine and we buy everything down on the docks in a local seafood shop.


Crab boil coming soon


Just begging to be eaten

Jon and Jan introduced us to one hidden gem of a restaurant called Duck Soup during our visit. The chef used unexpected combinations of ingredients to create simple yet delicious meals. Some of the dishes that must be mentioned are the local goat cheese with summer squash, the perfectly prepared duck, and the eggplant soup. We spent some time trying to discern all of the ingredients and then gave up and just enjoyed eating it. The restaurant is only open 4 months a year and is located outside of town. Go early and sit outside by the fire, it is lovely.


John, Claire, Michel, Jan, Jon

We have been enjoying perfect sunny weather and long daily walks. Michel and I are both feeling great and everything continues to fall into place as the last days count down with my family. Soon we’ll be on the plane for Thailand. I can barely remember my old work routine of weekly plane rides to long days and deadlines. We are well on our way to new adventures and discovery.


Claire and Michel on Young’s Hill

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